Scada Control Systems

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Scada Control Systems

Doyap’s Expertise on SCADA Systems

SCADA systems are generally used to control dispersed assets using centralized data acquisition and supervisory control. Doyap’s expert team of engineers, project managers and field operators have proven their abilities by successfully integrating LV & MV network SCADA systems to numerous complex projects including; Dalaman International Airport, Akdeniz University Medical Campus, Yorsan Dairy Products Production Plants, CMS Rim Factory and many more. Detailed information about the references can be found on the completed projects page.

What is SCADA system?

SCADA systems are highly distributed systems used to control geographically dispersed assets, often scattered over thousands of square kilometers, where centralized data acquisition and control are critical to system operation. They are used in distribution systems such as water distribution and wastewater collection systems, oil and gas pipelines, electrical power grids, and railway transportation systems. A SCADA control center performs centralized monitoring and control for field sites over long-distance communications networks, including monitoring alarms and processing status data. Based on information received from remote stations, automated or operator-driven supervisory commands can be pushed to remote station control devices, which are often referred to as field devices. Field devices control local operations such as opening and closing valves and breakers, collecting data from sensor systems, and monitoring the local environment for alarm conditions.