Cogeneration/Trigeneration Applications

Cogeneration/Trigeneration Applications


Doyap recognized the increasing electricity demand along with the niche for the combined heat and power plant facilities, and partnered up with Global Investment Holding to form a joint-venture company called Tres Energy. Istanbul based Tres Energy offers solutions and services based on energy production and management which focuses on combined heat and power systems, in other words cogeneration & trigeneration in various sectors in Turkey.

Tres Energy is currently the biggest player in Turkish market for combined heat and power systems, having signed 60 MW operating contract, and projecting to reach to 100 MW contract capacity by the end of 2016. For more information about Tres Energy please visit:


Tres Energy provides cheap, uninterrupted and high quality energy through it’s Build and Operate business model by undertaking the whole investment and operating costs as well as liabilities within this scope to the use of middle and large scale firms. Tres Energy designs and implements turnkey cogeneration or trigeneration plants for providing electricity, heating and cooling for companies by financing their project design, investment, implementation and operation budgets as well as performing professional energy management and operational functions.