Formed in 1983, Doyap is one of the most experienced contractors in Southwest Turkey. The main business activities of Doyap include turnkey construction contract, infrastructure, digital systems installation, engineering and energy projects across Turkey.

Doyap has successfully contracted and completed projects that require deep technical knowledge, expertise, and experience such as hospitals, medical research and development centers, and laboratories in various regions of Turkey.

Doyap’s experienced team members create optimum solutions for digital systems, engineering, and construction projects. Capabilities of Doyap include but not limited to industrial plants, organized zones, shopping centers, large-scale buildings, residential structures, stadiums, airports and all the facilities within the airports.

Construction, Energy, Digital Systems

Doyap has contracted complex projects such as; Izmir International Biomedicine and Genome Institute “iBG izmir”  the largest public research investment in the history of the Republic of Turkey and the largest facility of its kind in the Southeast Europe, 300 bed capacity Turgutlu State Hospital which is the largest state investment for Turgutlu in the history of the Republic of Turkey.

Digital Systems projects of Doyap include IBM Data Center at Izmir which is one of the largest data centers in Turkey, Dalaman International Airport SCADA and signalization system installment, Antalya and Burdur municipal surveillance system installment.

Infrastructure and superstructure facilities, electrical and electromechanical projects, as well as energy production and distribution plays a big part in Doyap’s energy field solutions. Diversifying the energy field activities over years, Doyap is the founding partner of the leading cogeneration plant operator, Tres Energy, a joint-venture company based in Istanbul.

Doyap is striving to combine today's technology with the experience gained since 1983 in construction, energy and digital systems fields, and aiming to create modern solutions to the most complex projects.

Without the planet earth, there is no business to conduct. Therefore, Doyap prioritizes environmental responsibility and sustainability. Founded as an engineering company, Doyap is proud to have developed multiple renewable energy projects such as geothermal plants, wind turbine fields, solar plant farms, and assisted numerous companies as an advisor. Renewable energy efforts of Doyap is ongoing, as the joint-venture company Tres Energy (formed with Global Holding) is currently the leading cogeneration plant operator of Turkey.



Doyap follows international standards as a contractor, and conducts a detailed feasibility analysis as the first step of project development phase. Doyap’s experienced team members  deliver modern technical design and engineering solutions for the construction projects. Technical structures such as hospitals, laboratories, and stadiums have been the main focus of Doyap.



Doyap is strongly preferred for design and application of the engineering projects that require system reliability and continuity in respect to electricity usage and electric-electronic systems. Hospitals, airports, industrial facilities, data centers, hotels are among our clients with critical importance regarding to uninterrupted electricity usage and electronic system reliability.

Doyap has been working on renewable energy projects both as an advisor and as a project development company. Doyap is the founding partner of Istanbul based Tres Energy, the sector leader that offers solutions and services based on energy production and management with focus on cogeneration & trigeneration plants.



Digital systems capabilities of Doyap are very diverse. From SCADA systems to signalization systems, from surveillance systems to automation systems, Doyap is ready to deliver the best solution for the most complex projects like airports, highways, railways, factories, outdoor facilities and more. Doyap’s clients include IBM Data Center, Yorsan Dairy Plant, Dalaman International Airport, city of Antalya, city of Burdur to name a few. Doyap’s expert team have installed municipal surveillance systems to various areas in Turkey in order to contribute to security and traffic management systems for metropolitan cities.





A joint-venture of Doyap and Global Investment Holding, Tres Energy offers solutions and services based on energy production and management for combined heat and power systems. Tres Energy is currently the biggest player in the sector, having signed more than 100 mW operating contract.




Based in Moscow, OAO Baumann Co. is an important business partner that focuses on digital systems such as fire detection and alarm systems, signalization and SCADA systems, video surveillance systems, vehicle tracking systems, and a variety of security management systems.